Monday, July 27, 2015

Baptizing Future Leaders

Date: July 27, 2015
Week: 57 Otavalo, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Lomeli/ Cedar Hills Utah
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Email Address:

Smores! This is what happens when two gringos are in charge.
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I am fine, and my companion is fine so what else do you need to know?

Here's a look at my week:

Tuesday: So the ward does work with us alot but the Bishop just called two ward missionaries and I quickly got in contact with them and set up two days in which they could come with us for two hours. So now Lomeli and I had the chance to go on divisions and be in two places at once. It's awesome. So we worked like dogs and were really trying to find new people to teach! Oh and we taught Jorge!

Wednesday: There are days where we teach like 5 lessons and then there are days like these. We could only find Jorge and teach him. The party of Agato was this week and boy were there alot of drunks! People were sure willing to talk to the missionaries now....
Smores with the Vàsquez Family. We just rescued their Dad.
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015
Thursday: Again we only taught Jorge. Thank goodness he didn't take part in the parties cause that would have stunk! Jorge is probably the fastest progressing investigator that I have had.

Friday: I'm telling you the days are off and on and this day just happened to be on! We have been challenged to work more on family history with the recent converts. We were teaching Alexandra Chiza and we were able to help her find her Great Grandad and send his info to the temple. It was awesome. Made me want to do my family history. Oh and we taught Jorge...

Saturday: Is anyone starting to see a pattern here? We were doing daily contact for our investigator with a date so that he coul have his baptismal interview Saturday! Elder Hagemeyer interviewed Jorge and it lasted a while but he passed so that means Jorge will be baptized this Saturday! My first baptism by a contact! I'm stoked! I was hoping Lomeli could baptize him but I guess the Spirit was pretty strong in the interview because he chose Elder Hagemeyer to do it.

Sunday: We planned Jorge's baptism for 6 p.m. It'll be sweet. Jorge now wants to share the gospel with his wife but she travels all around Ecuador. We checked the church records and she isn't a member. He said he wants to be sealed to his wife for time and all eternity. I swear I´m coming back here one day and the guys going to be a stake patriarch or something! He is God given!
I forgot what this mountain is called but its cold
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

We met with Jorge everyday to help him for his interview. We planned his interview for 2:00 on Saturday and we show up at his house and guess what he wasn`t there! NO! We freaked. Hagemeyer was at the church waiting for us and he saw we looked pretty disappointed. We called Jorge using Hagemeyer's phone and it was turned OFF! The guy was supposed to be perfect. I starting doubting...

Hagemeyer shared an experience with us about what had happened at his baptism the night before. He told us they dad and his son were going to be baptized. He shpwed up at their house and the dad ended up being drunk and the mother wouldn't let her son be baptized. He was devastated. He had to call all the members to inform them that there would be no baptism. We felt bad for him.

We told Hagemeyer we would stop by Jorge's house later and see what was up. We went over to Wauki's to use his phone. By this point my companion had called Jorge at least 20 times. We were sitting ont he couch whinning. Then a little idea popped in my head! I had yet to call Jorge so I got up and went to call. When the phone started actually ringing I was screaming! My companion got up from crying (he wasn't crying but almost), and came running over. I planned his interview at 6:00 cause he had left to Ibarra and said he would be back later. We quickly said a prayer of gratitude and called Hagemeyer to tell him the news.

I know I was prompted by the Spirit to call again. I had received revelation and it was awesome! Jorge will now be baptized this coming week, and who knows one day he'll be the temple president of the Otavalo temple. You just never know! I love this work and I know that it is of Him! Keeping on keeping on everybody!

Elder Kimball
Lomeli sending his costly package!
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

Bailey- You never write
Clay- Scouts?
Lexi- Is this short enough?
Bella- What up? Keep being awesome!
Collins! You working out?
Mom- Stop worrying so much and have faith but remember faith without works is dead.
Dad- Love you and pray for you and the fam everyday! I'm glad to hear that the Jimmer will be a Spur!

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