Monday, June 15, 2015

One year down, One to Go!!

Date: June 15, 2015
Week: 51 Lago Agrio, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Lares/Peru
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Email Address:
Blurry but me with Christian and Imelda
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

Well this week I hit a year of being out in the mission. Crazy how fast time flies. I can't believe it! I really can't! I have so many opportunities out here serving the Lord. I started out in Mexico thinking how was I ever going to learn Spanish. I finally got to Ecuador and got sent to the Coast. Starting out there was definitly an experience! Eating rice everyday and having little to no success. It was hard. I then got to go to the city.

 I was then wearing jackets everyday and missed the hot sun. Having companions there who were different. I learned more and more everyday in Quito and was able to learn how to make better connections with the people.

And now I'm here. In the jungles of Ecuador. Baptizing in rivers and eating rice as if I was drinking water. You know when we have trials in our life we often ask for the Lord to remove them from us. To just take it away cause it would be way easier without it in our lives. When we realize the Lord won't take it away we get a litle scared. The Lord then does something intresting in our lives... in that moment. As we know He does not take the burden off our backs, but he makes the burden feel lighter.

Our Lord is not an easy God that will just come sweeping in and take away our own agency by just deciding for us. He knows that we learn more by surpassing our trials, by carrying our burdens. He loves us so much he lets us have experience here on earth that we can take with us after death. That's what I have probably learned the most on my mission. I always wanted the easy way out. You know feed the rice to the cat, or ask president to give me a different companion. I have learned that it doesn't work like that. Thanks to Jesus Christ, we all have the enabling power to overcome our trials and challenges in life.
Elder Lares with Hno. Bruno
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015 
Talent Show in the Church
Lago Agrio Ecuador June 2015

I'm silly
Lago Agrio Ecuador June 2015

Elder Lares and I
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

This week, Imelda is getting baptized. Its final. She officially does not sell any substances that are against the Word of Wisdom. After a whole year  of investigating and missionaries putting many baptismal dates she has finally decided to be baptized. Tily and Jazmin will most likely not be getting baptized this week because they didn't attend church and we still have to teach them quite a few things. Melissa, sister of Isamar, will not be getting baptized this Saturday because she went to Quito and got laser eye surgery. (Assmuming its laser eye surgery because she doesn't use glasses.) She told us that the doctor said she can't submerge in water that is unpurified for at least a month so we have to wait until July 11th. Ismar's dad attended church again which is great! He will definitly be baptized in the near future.
The daughter of Imelda also Melissa with her daughter and her "friend" Fausto.
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

Yo, Richard and Michelle
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

Elder Castillo and I
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

We rescued Pablo Mamallacta this week. He is the older brother of Tily and Jasmin. He lives about 22km from Lago Agrio so its a miracle that we were able to teach him all the lessons and he was able to attend church again. Richard passed the sacrament yesterday. I gave him one of my ties and Elder Lares gave him a white shirt. He is such a goof. He didn't want to do it at first cause he was scared.
For Saturday's baptisms we should have at least 4 which is great! President is really proud of us because when he first got here the Orient always baptized a whole ton with only 4 missionaries here. Then in the second year the baptisms were 1 to none for every month. These past couple months we have been having more and more. I feel like we are reviving the Orient. I am greatful for the success that I have had here but I know that it only comes from God.

Saturday morning, I woke up with a terrible cold. I felt terrible but we went to work. We went to the ward talent show at night and that was fun....Nothing better than loud music being screamed into your ear drums. My head felt like it was in an airplane and my body was running at full speed. I woke up Sunday morning and felt even worse but we went to church and I ran the music and everything. After Branch Council, I asked my companion for a blessing and I felt a little bit better. I really did not want to call the nurse but I think the blessing gave me guidance that the best thing to do would be to call the nurse. She put me on some antibiotics and de congestion pills. And today in the morning I was at about 80% so I am getting better. I don't get sick very often I am just glad its not affecting my stomach!
Lift (Watch this video!)
I really like this video because it explains how service isn't just a one time thing. So many times I have thought since I did one service activity one Saturday, my heart is full of service. Service isn't one church activity or one time you helped an old lady cross the street. It;s much more than that. It's an continous act that must come a part of who we are. I know we can all have a heart full of service and realize we are not only giving service, but receiving blessings also.

Elder Kimball
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

Elder Castillo and I
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

Pablo Mamallacta and I
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015
More Oranges....
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

Richard, Elder Rubisch and I
Lago Agrio, Ecuador June 2015

Bailey- Have fun on your summer vacation. Don't do nothing stupid.
Clay- Guess you won't get this since you are at Scout Camp. Enjoy your time out there bud. Can't believe its your second time!
Lexi- I got all your letters in my Easter package today. You are pretty cute! Thanks!
Leah- Did you complete with your Lake Powell goals I made? I hope you did. Enjoy your fun summer!
Bella- I got some nice pictures of you giving me a kiss on the cheek. Thanks!
Collins- How was Powell? I think you entered into this family at a great time. Let's hope that we don't spoil you too much.
Mom- Well you're pregnant... anything else going on?
Dad- Keep working hard DAD! I love you! Oh and I guess I love mom too!

Your Son and Brother, Colton

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