Monday, November 10, 2014

Don't QUITo Now!

Date: November 10, 2014
Week: 20 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu

Clayton using Colton's Fat Head on Sunday to help us keep from missing him.
November 2014 San Antonio, Texas 
Felt like reusing that phrase (Don't QUITo Now!) cause its describes me so well.

Monday night: I just want to say that we dedicated a house because apparently its haunted. Turns out you don't need the priesthood to dedicate a house. Interesting.

Tuesday: We actually taught alot of people this day it was awesome. Nothing better than talking with an actual person!

Wednesday: Nada

Thursday: Got to go out to eat with some members. We had COW intestines. I couldn't finish it:(
Tripa de Vaca. Cow intestines
Ofelia Ecuador November 2014

Friday: We have meetings in the mornings on Thursdays and Fridays.

Saturday: We found a new investigator and I asked him to be baptized. He accepted. His name is Manuel.

Sunday: The whole day got sucked up with our new 2:00 church. Manuel didn't come to church.

Monday: Played games as a zone.
My zone (Got me a haircut)
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Well things are bien here in Quito. I got my rain jacket back so now I am not soaked all the time. I have been studying my Spanish hard this week. I believe I am improving but I just don't know. Some exciting news people. I found a scale!!! My member friend Stalyn was asking me what kind of food I like. And I basically straight up said "Anything but rice". HA! He laughed. He asked me if it was hard for me to eat here and I showed him the waist of my pants. He quickly ran and got his wife's scale. I figured out how to switch it from kilos to pounds. Let me remind people that I weighed 192 lbs in the MTC. I now weigh 175 lbs. Wow! Just wow! Now if only someone could convince me to start doing sit ups. NOT.
Elder Macalopu winning an award.
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014
Things are mas o menos with Elder Macalopu. President basically just told me to help him out more. So last week I started helping with the Area book and tried to improve my teaching abilities. I still feel like he is mad at me all the time. The Zone leaders visited us and set goals that we would talk more as a companionship and serve eachother more often. Not really sure how I can serve this guy. If I touch his stuff he gets mad at me. I am hoping that things will get better. He just doesn't speak. I am running out of stuff to say.
My district without Elder Macalopu
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

This week we were teaching a recent convert. Her name is Vanessa and she has a 1-year-old son named Josue. She is very strong in the Church and little Josue has learned how to say Amen at the end of every prayer. Well, Vanessa opened up to us and just began to cry. She is just lonely. Her 18 year old brother lives with her and he isn't making the best of choices right now. Seeing she was down, and I was down, and Elder Macalopu seems to always be down, we decided to share a video with her. I feel like I need this video, and my family needs this video, and YOU need this video.,AAAAwY-wg3E~,CCjDZJW7GXDxqyDe7k_mBp1YVeadu2DM&bctid=2781179225001

After watching this, I wiped a few tears out of my eyes and basically bore my testimony to Vanessa. She was crying, Elder Macalopu was frowning. It was a spiritual moment I won't ever forget.
People, we all have our Fridays. We all do. We all have challenges and tests in this life. Everyone does. Everyone has all of these things. Some may be different than others but in the end we all experience this oppostition. Some might be a lonely Elder in Ecuador, or some might be having trouble at work, or some might be struggling with their family relationships. These things happen and everyone experiences these one way or another. But in the words of Elder Wirthlin "Sunday will come". I testify that eventhough all of us have our Fridays, we all have our Savior, Jesus Christ. Take time to realize that he suffered for you. For a few moments on that dreadful Friday he thought of you and on that wonderful Sunday he rose for you. I know times can be tough people. I know. But with the atoning sacrifice and glorious resurrection of our Savior and Lord, we can over come our trials and challenges and have that Sunday. I encourage all to continue pressing forward and if you need another inspirational video you can find it here.
Well thats all folks.
Our attempt to take a family photo with all 9 of us!
San Antonio, TX November 2014

Collins- I love you and appreciate your weekly videos. You are my only sibling that sends me something every week.

Bella- How's not being the baby anymore? Did you enjoy the trip with mom and dad?

Leah- Hows school? I know how sports can sometimes make us overlook our studies! "No cake, No ice cream, Happy Birthday!"

Lexi- How tall are you? O and Happy Birthday!!! What is it? Your 11th?

Clay- GO Team! Get in good with the coaches and they will pick you to play every time!

Bailey! Thanks for not writing me for the 7th week in a row. Hows Physics?

People that read this-Has anyone noticed that I ask questions to my siblings and they never respond?....

Mother! Keep being generous and sending me packages. I wouldn't mind a BYU sweatshirt in one of those packages. Preferbably new.  P.s I love you and miss you and pray for you every day!

Trent- How was Africa? Being in a foreign country is a blast isn't it? My Spanish is progressing. People think I have been here longer than usual because of my Spanish. Stalyn wants to send you his car cause he wants you to bulletproof it. He looked up some videos of you and apparently there is one of you speaking Spanish so he said he could understand what was going on. Letty also says I look like you. HA!

I love you guys.
Elder Kimball!

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