Monday, October 13, 2014

Pushing Forward

Date: October 13, 2014
Week: 17 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Compaion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Sheila and I playing around in from of the church
October 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Well, another week down. We met with Christian everyday last week. He just doesn't quite have that testimony necessary to make this covenant with the Lord. He keeps all his commitments but I don't think he has really prayed to know the truth. I feel as though he is afraid of the unkown when in all reality he has known this his entire life. He knows that this is the truth but he just not ready. It really is saddening to someone come so far and just not be willing to accept it.

With transfers approaching, I am filled with much fear myself. I don´t want to leave Regocijo. I love it here. we are making much progress with our investigators and in all reality, I don´t want to leave a sector felling as though I have done nothing. I know that baptisms are not what make a missionary sucessful or unsuccessful but I just really feel like staying. Elder Montesino has written to President Richardson the past two weeks saying he wants to stay also but I haven't said anything to president.
So I guess my question is will I stay or will i go?
Me owning at Uno with some members
October 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Tuesday: I had divisions with my district leader, Elder Nogales. One of my friends that I see alot around town was in the house of a less active that we visited. His name is Efrain. He is 17 years old and does not go to any church. We had the opportunity to teach The Restoration. It was great and he was really attentive. I felt to ask him to be baptized and his baptismal date is for November 1st... He didn't attend church.

Wednesday: Met with Cristhian again. Yesterday when Elder Nogales and I met with him he had alot of questions concerning the Restoration, so Elder Montesino and I decided to teach him the Restoration. He just really is struggling. As you know he struggled passing his baptismal interview and he doesn't like his job. I feel as though his family is against his baptism. He is 24 so he is plenty able to make his own decisions but he just doesn't really know yet. We also taught a new family of investigators this day. Familia Marie Reina. They are great. They attended church before conference but didn't attend this past week. This family is different because each one of them has different opinions on religion. So they all need to hear different things so its just hard. Hasn´t felt right to ask them to be baptized.

Thursday: Had our weekly zone meeting this day. The Zone Leaders had a training with President so they brought tons of stuff to say. This day we also taught Familia QuiƱonez. If you remember them, they are a part member family. The mother is a member and hasn´t attended church in 1 and half years. Her daughter and son have not been baptized and really don´t have a desire to. Elder Montesino and I have really tried working with this family but they just arnt keeping up with commitments.

Friday: We worked really hard this day with a lot of lessons. We taught Cristhian again but this time reading out of 3rd Nefi 11. We are going to watch the Testaments with him to get him more familiar with the Book of Mormon.
 Also Ecuador and the United States played eachother in soccer this day. 1-1.

Saturday:This day we were out walking and we saw this old man trying to get out of his wheelchair and into his house with his wife trying to help him. Elder Montesino and I stepped in and helped this man into his house. We were able to leave a pamphlet with them and a return date. High hopes!

Sunday: I was sick all this day but have no fears I pressed forward. We went to church and we taught a lot of peeps. At this point I hadn't eaten anything in two days. We presume I drank unclean water...
Well that's my week. I don´t really have much more to say. My conference notes are at home so I
can´t do my indepth analysis on Game 5 of the General Conference. I really do love it and am afraid I will be transfered. This sector has much potential and I feel like I could do more. This being my last week of my training, I am excited to end it. Being new has never been fun to me and I can´t wait to be consider experienced in like 2 years.
Ilce and I
October 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

My spiritual thought this week will be on the topic of obedience. I have to admit I am not a perfect missionary. I have made mistakes and I have not done my best to be exactly obedient. I know my family is surprised at this since I was such an obedient kid at home. Lately I have really been exactly obedient. I have done everything I can and yet there is more to do. I truly feel the blessings my commitment to the Lord has brought. I only can say that obedience is the highest law in the heavens. By loving God with all our heart, we truly can be obedient. I can only ask you guys to love God with all your heart and by doing so I feel as though you will keep all His commandments.
This video I feel will help us to stay obedient.
Some Chinese food I ate this week!
October 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Well Sorry for not much this week...
Bailey, I appreciate your letter especially since you took time out of your busy life. Don´t forget your true purpose as a daughter of God. My mormon message for you is

Clay, Hows football going? Number 15! thats awesome. Remeber the great Matt Bonner is number 15. I encourage to go over your notes of Priesthood Session. As that whole thing was practically written for you. My mormon message for you:

Lexi: I recieved your letter a few weeks ago. How awesome that you love being Goalie. Since you are so tall you can reach and save Goals that the other girls just can´t.

Leah: I love ya sis. Hows soccer? Still scoring bunch of goals. Saw a picture of you goofing around on the Bush track. "Keep calm and mediate" Sister!

Bella! Haha I still find it funny that you are playing a sport. Have you scored yet? Remember if you score you get a dollar!

Collins: I heard you "Coo" alot. Just finish that off with a nice "olton" and you will have it right my sis!
Mother: Why must you hate me so? I am hoping that all is well in San Antone. Keep being a lovely mother! I guess I'll give you a mormon message also.

Dad! Keep being awesome. I miss ya and I am happy to recieve emails from ya! All I can say is keep being a great example for me! Seeing that you have 5 daugthers, here is one for you too:
Well, I love you guys and hope you enjoyed this weeks letter. This might be the last one from Esmeraldas!

Your Friend, Your Brother, Your Son, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball

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