Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm in Quito!!

Date: October 20, 2014
Week: 18 Ofelia, Quito Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu
Yo and Hno. Wilter (Recent Convert)
Esmeraldas, Ecuador October 2014

Yo and Nicole and Jennifer. (One is a Less Active)
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Well Mother Father,
As I sit at the terminal at the Bus station, I guess all I can say is... I'm leaving for Quito! Yes I got transfered. I don't know anything about my new sector but my companion is Elder Macalopu. I have no info about him. The name of my Zone is Ofelia so maybe pull up some facts about this place and send them to me. Well write me please. I'll be on the bus all day until 4 and probably write as soon as I get there.
Love Elder Kimball
Yo and Melissa. We used her phone every night to call the Leaders
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Yo and Jonathan again.
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Second Letter from Colton on October 20...

Well we didn´t make it to Quito on time and I didn´t get to write. President gave us (Dudes that got transfered) like 10 mins to write today. Nothing much happened my last week in Esmeraldas. I got transfered to the Ofelia zone and my sector is called Ponceano 2. Its freezing here. Reminds me alot of Utah but then again thats the only cold place I know. 

My house isn't as nice as my last one as in I don´t have a mattress holder(bed). My companion is Elder Macolopu de Peru. He is a district leader so he has a phone so that's pretty sick. Right now we are in a trio with Elder Marshall because he is going to train so is companion doesn't get here till Wednesday.
Yo and Peter. Couldn't get this fool in the font. ;)
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

Yo and Sandro and Luis. Both are Less Actives
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

Hermana Piedad (Recent Convert I Teach) and Hermana Paola (Wife of WML)
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

 Well there isn´t much more I can say. Just know I am safe here in Quito. By the way recieved 2 packages last week! One with an IPOD!!! Gracias. The other had like chips ahoy and a whole bunch of other candy. I feel like some stuff was taken from that one because Clay talked about some journal with ten bucks in it but no hay. Please send me my debit card, money is scarce. I love you guys and please keep sending me packages!!!

Don´t QUITo now!
Elder Kimball

Sara and I. She wanted a pic with me
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

San Rafeal and Esmeraldas Zone for Meeting with President
Not sure what happened to this picture!
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

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